Bhangra Night: School’s Out!

Bhangra Night: School’s Out! featured some of the most energetic dance battles seen in recent Singapore Bhangra history! While movies like Step Up or Pitch Perfect make western music and dance fun, Bhangra Nights connect us with our Community as we celebrate our culture and feel the music with our dance!

Organised by the Committee from RedDot Bhangra on 8 Dec 2017, the night featured 8 Bhangra talents from the local scene who pitted themselves against each other to claim top honours in a one-on-one dance battle that gave everyone in attendance a night to remember!

Held at Magic Carpet Lounge alongside DJ Kevin J and DJ Dal, the crowd was treated to a wild and energetic spectacle with awesome bhangra beats throughout the night. In true Punjabi fashion, the battles began deep into the night with anticipation built high!

Dholi Paul got the crowd prepped while MCs Saher and Gobs introduced the dancers to the cheers of their friends and family. The dance battles were 1-on-1 bouts with the DJs spinning tunes. All they had was a minute-to-win-it and they sure didn’t disappoint!

The crowd were the judges for the night with their cheers deciding the fate of each match. In the end, the night was won by Nediva to the euphoria and cheers of her supporters simply going through the roof! Nediva truly embodied the spirit of bhangra with the joy and energy that oozed throughout her performances, and an infectious smile that charmed the crowd powering her way to victory!

The brave dancers represented the various bhangra teams across Singapore: S.W.A.T. Singapore, Joshiley, Kohinoor, Jigri Yaar, SherePunjab, Yaar Panj-aab, and SMU. Check out their pre-event promo videos where the competitors gave us a glimpse of their prowess to strike on the dancefloor!

Indy, Dalpreet, Sukhpreet, Nediva, Harjit, Gagan, Rhaaj, and Almast!

Watch the highlights video to see what happened and get excited for RedDot’s next Bhangra Nite: All-Star Bhangra!

Bhangra Nite: School's Out! (Highlights)

#WeOnlyGetBetter with every year! Check out these highlights from our Bhangra Nite event held last month featuring the breathtaking Bhangra battles! More fun in store for 2018 with RedDot Bhangra & Magic Carpet Lounge – Bollywood Club – stay updated right here!#RedDotBhangra #BhangraNite #BhangraBattles #iflythecarpet #BhangraSG #RedDotBhangraCompetition2018 #BhangraCompetition2018 #jointheBhangraRevolution #StayTuned

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Flawed Element

Formed in 2002, Flawed Element has been making waves with its unique music style of fusion rock in the music industry. According to the bands BANDCAMP site, they brand their music as a “Hardrock/Metal Band From Singapore” and has “won over thousands of fans internationally and in their home country Singapore; through an active Internet presence and their high-energy live shows.” Well, after watching some videos of their performances at Baybeats from 2009 and 2013, it’s not hard to see why fans love them!

Picture from Flawed Element facebook page

But before they received international renown, the guys were aspiring artists who wanted to share their passion for music with the world. You can hear their origin story from their EPK from back in 2008.

Joe Chahal is not only the frontman of the band but also the founder of the bands music. Having been in the band from the start, he assembled like minded musicians to come together and produced their debut album “Breaking the Silence”. Check out their MySpace, itunes, Spotify or YouTube channel to hear the album and their single “Overcome”.

While we may not do justice to writing about the band or their music, there are others who have! Check out reviews by popmatters and insing.

Picture from Youtube

Frontman Joe, guitarist Jashan Singh and the rest of the band made their first big performance at Baybeats 2009 (part 1, part 2, part 3). For Baybeats 2013, they even had a promo video done to let F.E. Soldiers (their fans!) know that they’ll be back on the big stage! Joe Chahal has recently announced that he is back in the studio after a 5 year hiatus and is in the works of some special material for the fans. “Due to the constant demand on our facebook page, we decided we got to give the fans what they want. They have stood by us from the beginning and we want to do this for them. We’ll make an announcement with more details of the album when we reach closer to the completion date” says Joe Chahal.

Check out their official music video for “On the Surface”.

Do follow them on facebook and twitter for updates!

S.W.A.T. Singapore


S.W.A.T. Singapore is Singapore’s first and only competitive bhangra team, formed in August 2015. S.W.A.T. Singapore aims to put Singapore bhangra on the map, regionally and internationally.

S.W.A.T. stands for “Sadi Wakhri Ah Taur” – “Our Style is Unique”.

The team is made up of the best bhangra dancers in the Singapore bhangra scene, who are selected by audition prior to every competition season. The audition is open to all. In particular, dancers from the various bhangra teams in Singapore are invited to audition. The team choreographs its own routines.

S.W.A.T. Singapore allows our best dancers to challenge themselves, learn from and be inspired by dancers around the world. In turn, they will teach and inspire others, and raise the overall standard of bhangra in Singapore.

Competition Achievements

  • Bhangra Dance-Off 2015, Malaysia (Champions)
  • Bhangra Down Under 2016, Australia (4th placing)
  • Bhangra Dance-Off 2016, Malaysia (Champions)
  • Harbour City Bhangra 2017, Australia (3rd placing)
  • Bhangra Dance-Off, 2017, Perak, Malaysia (Champions)

Upcoming Competitions

  • Bhangra Fever 8, Feb 2018, New York, USA
  • Bhangra Down Under, Sep 2018, Australia

In parallel, SWAT FUNdamentals sessions are held every Wednesday, at the Sikh Centre. They are also part of SWAT’s outreach efforts. These sessions cater to dancers who are preparing for upcoming S.W.A.T. Singapore auditions, or simply interested in dancing bhangra. Dancers of all skill levels are welcome.

For more info, please visit their facebook page and follow them on instagram and YouTube!

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